The Latest Voter Newsletter

The Latest Voter Newsletter

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The LWVOC Voter Newsletter

 The Current Voter (pdf) 

Hi Leaguers!

Here is The Voter for October-November 2019:

  • We have some interesting speakers scheduled for October and November, check out the calendar on pages 1 & 2.
  • We have a Director of International Relations! Check out her report on page 7.
  • Did you know that there will be a special float celebrating passage of the 19th Amendment in 1920 Women’s Right to Vote 100th year anniversary in the 2020 Pasadena Rose Parade? LWVUS President Chris Carson will be on the float. You can march with the float if you have the stamina to walk 5 miles in 19th century costume! Or you can volunteer to work on the float on December 28. See page 4 for how you can participate. 
  • On page 5 is information on the upcoming Observer Corps training.
  • We lost our Past President Phyllis Maywhort on August 1st. Her family’s tribute to her life is on page 6.
  • LWVC will have a proposition on the 2020 ballot - for information see page 8.
  • On page 9 is information about what the LWVUS is doing.

Charlotte Pirch
League of Women Voters of Orange Coast

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