Member Preview and Log In Instructions

Member Preview and Log In Instructions

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How to Log In as an Orange Coast Member

Psst, did you know there is a Member-Only section on this website?  In order to access it, you must LOG IN.

So look now at the red stripe at the top of this page.  If you see the yellow button that says "LOG IN" Log In Button, watch the video below and log in.  You'll be glad you did. It's like belonging to a secret club. :-)

(If the yellow button says "LOG OUT" , congratulations! You are already logged in.  Look at the bottom item on the menu to the left, in the list of starred topics, just above the big red Donate button and search box.  It should say "MEMBERS ONLY". Click on it to see the Member-Only content.)



You may want to pause the video.  A click on the video will toggle between play and pause.  Written instructions are also available.


Problems?  Please email webmaster [at]
Include your name, current email address and short description of the problem.

Member-Only Preview

   Log in, then click on Members-Only menu to:
    • Order your member badge,
    • Visit the LWVOC Archives, 
    • Find out about member-only events.
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