League of Women Voters of Delaware
Time Range For Action Alert: 
January 12, 2019 to March 23, 2019

UPDATE 3/14/19:  The Delaware Legislature passed the National Popular Vote Compact!

Action Alert on National Popular Vote

Do you believe that the presidential candidate who gets the most votes, nationwide, should win the election and not lose it because of the Electoral College?  The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact is a way of getting around the unfairness of our current system without actually abolishing it. The U.S. Constitution allows states to apportion their electoral votes as they see fit.  States who join the compact agree to give their votes to the candidate who has won the popular vote, nationally. The Compact will only go into effect when enough states join that they represent at least 270 electoral votes. The LWVDE position paper on this can be accessed on our website.

Senator Bryan Townsend will be sponsoring a National Popular Vote bill in the Delaware Senate this year and is currently looking for other senators to sign on with him. Representative David Bentz will be the main sponsor in the House and will also need co-sponsors. The bill will most likely be circulated and introduced in the March time-frame, but it could be sooner depending on how the legislative session plays out

Please contact your state legislator if you think he or she might be willing to co-sponsor this bill!

An in-person meeting with your senator or representative, or a well thought out email or letter could go a long way toward making this legislation successful in Delaware!

Here is the link to a fact sheet with more details:http://www.lwvdelaware.org/files/National_Popular_Vote_Position_Paper_2017.pdf


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