Solid Waste Disposal

Solid Waste Disposal

Garbage collection, recycling
Position In Brief: 

Action to Support:

  • Resource recovery and recycling
  • A mandatory county-wide collection system
Position History: 

Adopted 1973

Statements of Position:

1.  Frederick’s methods of solid waste disposal are not adequate to meet our current and future needs.

2.  A county-wide garbage collection service should be established, participation in which is mandatory.

3.  Private contractors should be used for a county-wide garbage collection system and outmoded equipment should be gradually replaced.                                                                                                      

4.  The system should be financed through a county-administered tax, the amount and purpose of such tax to be clearly itemized on the bill.

5.  Garbage should be separated for collection, initially emphasizing newspapers, magazines, etc., when reclamation of resources becomes technically and economically feasible.

6.  More landfills should be established as an interim measure, bearing in mind the ultimate goal of a system involving resource recovery.

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