Water Resource Management and Development

Water Resource Management and Development

Water conservation, resources, pollution
Position In Brief: 

Action to Support:

  • Joint management of water resources on a county-wide level in cooperation with state agencies
  • Water conservation
  • Enforcement of pollution controls

Planning for water supply sources (with conservation as a priority)

Position History: 

Adopted 1977

Statements of Position:

  1. Water resources in Frederick County should be jointly managed by the County and its municipalities in cooperation with State agencies.
  2. Water conservation measures are necessary to:
  • Meet future water needs during drought periods;
  • Provide additional supply for future residential and industrial growth; and
  • Meet water supply and sewerage treatment needs with the least cost.
  • The county and municipalities should prepare a comprehensive drought emergency plan.
  • Alternative water supply sources are available for meeting future growth demands.
  • Development of these alternative sources should depend on study.
  • Planning for additional supply must be on-going and must be coordinated with other planning tools.
  • Past reliance on individual water and septic tanks for residential development in the County should be discouraged.
  • Individual water and septic systems should be strictly regulated.
  • Cooperation on a regional level is advisable.
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