Join or Renew

Join or Renew

Join the League of Women Voters or renew your membership. Everyone is welcome! Join us and be part of the solution!

Why Support the League?

Benefits of Membership

Our members make a visible difference by serving as community leaders, using their experience to create positive, lasting change.

  • Be Informed: Get access to our programs, publications, and discussions.
  • Serve Your Town: Register voters, educate the public, and meet with government officials.
  • Create Change: Study issues and shape public policy.
  • Meet New People: Our members are warm, welcoming, interesting, and dynamic.
  • Develop New Skills: Get experience in every branch  of citizen advocacy.
  • Be Active: Be involved to the extent you choose to be.

 Our dues are $55 for individuals and $80 for a household membership. We wish to ensure membership is accessible and inclusive to all.    

Memberships are annual and include payments to LWVUS ($32) and LWVMA ($23).  Any additional contribution will go to our Falmouth League to keep the dues artificially low

Student memberships are free.  There is an affordable $25 option. We also may give a scholarship. Plese do not let annual dues prevent you from joining the League.  Please reach out to mistyniemeyer13 [at]

Dues are not tax deductible. The League of Women Voters of Falmouth is a 501(c)(4) corporation.
(if purchasing a household membership)

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