Observer Corps Reports

Observer Corps Reports

Observer Corps buttonOne of the most valuable services a local League can offer its members, and often the community, is to observe town boards and committees. The Falmouth League has had a very active Observer Corps for many years, and it is well respected in the Town.

  • Participation in the Observer Corps is an excellent way for members to learn about local issues, and to share this information with League members through Bulletin articles and League meetings. Observers' reports are factual, present various sides of an issue, and are intended to help members be well-informed before making any decisions concerning possible League or individual action.
  • Observers attend the first meeting of their chosen board or committee with a letter of introduction. This explains that the League is a non-partisan organization that encourages informed participation of citizens, and that a representative will attend their meetings only to observe and take notes.
  • Representing the Falmouth League as a member of the Observer Corps involves a commitment to regular attendance at committee meetings and careful note-taking. Although most meetings are held at night, a few take place during the day, and we can usually find a convenient match. Some observers share coverage or occasionally watch meetings that are televised on FCTV.

If you are interested in joining the Observer Corps

Although many of our boards and committees are covered, we are always looking for more participation. There are still many opportunities to join in the fun. A stroll through the Town of Falmouth website list of Boards and Committees may spark your interest in a particular group. As most of the Boards and Committees meet throughout the year, we have no time limit or expiration date for joining the Observer Corps. If you are interested in joining the Observer Corps, please


 Observers 2019-2020

At this time the Falmouth League has a dedicated Observer Corps whose members are committed to protecting access to public meetings and monitoring adherence to Massachusetts' Open Meeting Laws, or "sunshine laws". In recent years it has been a challenge to find observers for every board and committee. However, we are very flexible and try to accommodate anyone who is interested in joining and upholding the mission of the League. This is a wonderful learning opportunity for both new and old members and provides an important service to the League and the Town.


Maggie Sweasy-Selectmen
Richard Johnson-Zoning Board Of Appeals
Stephanie Miele-Board of Health
Meghan Palanza- School Committee
Carol Chittenden- EDIC
Mariam Cronin- Water Quaity Management
Suzanne Thomas- Solid Waste Advisory Board
Marcia Easterling- Library Trustees
Kerry Walton-Affordable Housing Committee

Denise Morreale, Observer Corps Chair  Denise Morreale