Land Use

Land Use

A balanced diversity of land uses in Falmouth
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A balanced diversity of land uses in Falmouth

Position History: 

Land Use
(Consensus 1972, 1973, 1974; updated 1981 and 1991; 2018)
The Falmouth LWV Land Use Policy Update was approved June 2018 by the Board of Directors

LWV of Falmouth Land Use Policy Update 2018

LWV Falmouth supports:

  • a balanced diversity of land uses in Falmouth including agriculture, open space, residential development, village center character, maritime industry, intermodal transport, recreation and sustainable development
  • coastal resilience as a priority:  limit new development in areas subject to flooding and selectively improve infrastructure to withstand rising sea levels, increased flooding and groundwater changes
  • developing zoning vehicles to foster multi-family, affordable and greater density housing development.  This should support village center character while preserving farm land and open space character, including transfer of development rights
  • preserving the historic districts and buildings in Falmouth whilst maintaining flexibility in maintenance and development of properties.  
  • a robust capital plan that recognizes the need for investment to mitigate global warming impacts, to improve future drinking water quality, sanitation, energy and transportation needs balanced with equitable cost distribution across the population.
  • coordination with federal, state and regional agencies to develop long range strategies and programs to protect land, water, air, and maritime resources and to restore impaired resources such as estuaries and wetlands.

LWV Falmouth opposes:

  • additional larger scale development along major roads creating sprawl, with the exception of locations in pre-existing high density areas close to collector roads.
  • locating industry, employment centers, and unsustainable energy developments in areas that conflict with adjacent land uses.
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