Centennial Celebration in Washtenaw County

Centennial Celebration in Washtenaw County

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Centennial Celebration website is up and running and ready for viewing.  

Votes for Women 100 is a consortium of Washtenaw County organizations and institutions that will be hosting events in 2020 to honor and remember the women and men who brought gender equality to the voting booth.

Women—not allowed to vote—had to persuade men to vote for their cause.

How they did it is a model for today’s advocates.

Chairperson Nancy Schewe from LWVAAA says:

I hope that you will be as excited by the website as I am. The Learn page features historic photos and a brief introduction to the suffrage movement. The Timeline page has links to take you deeper into the significant events along the way. And there are links to register to voter, find information on candidates and more. Go to votesforwomen100.org to see what else is there.


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