LWV-Washtenaw Videos and Podcasts

LWV-Washtenaw Videos and Podcasts

Listen to our podcasts at https://lwvwashtenawcounty.simplecast.com/.

Recordings of Presentations, Candidate forums, voting information and more are posted to the LWV-WC YouTube channel.  

2023 Video Posts

 October 18, 2023  Firearm Safety: Suicide Prevention
Matthew Raab, LMSW, Community Engagement Partnership Coordinator, VA Ann Arbor Healthcare System presenting Community Interventions for Suicide Prevention. Hosted by Vicki Paulissen, Co-Chair of the LWV Michigan Firearm Safety Network.
 October 17, 2023  Voting Rights 2024: How Changes Will Be Implemented in Washtenaw County
In person event with Ed Golembiewski, Director of Elections - Washtenaw County, and Jaqueline Beaudry, Ann Arbor Clerk.
September 21, 2023  Cleanup of the Fox River and Green Bay:  Lessons for Michigan
Speaker: David Allen II, Author of "Paper Valley," about how the EPA Superfund law forced paper companies to spend billions to clean up toxic sediment in the Fox River and Green Bay.  Click HERE TO VIEW
August 27, 2023  Microplastics in the Great Lakes: the problem and solutions  
Presentation by Art Hirsch.  Click HERE TO VIEW.
Art Hirsch is an environmental advocate and engineering consultant focused on water quality issues affecting the State of Michigan and the Great Lakes Region.  
July 24, 2023   Public forum Human Trafficking in Washtenaw County
Elizabeth Campbell, Clinical Assistant Professor at UM and co-director of the Human Trafficking Clinic.  View the recording here:  The Human Trafficking Problem in Washtenaw County -
April 26, 2023  Preserving our Waters: Regulating Michigan's Failing Septic Systems
Timely information for 2023 regarding currently unregulated septic systems which tend to be older, unmaintained, or insufficient for current use. Michigan is the only state without regulation for septic systems. Watch for legislative developments. Presentation by Jennifer McKay of the Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council.  Click HERE TO VIEW
 March 27, 2023  Public forum on the National Popular Vote Compact.

LWV, LWVMI, and LWV-WC  support the National Popular Vote Compact (NPVC). To learn more about the Compact and why the league supports it, view the VIDEO of the LWV-WC town hall presentation.  

March 9, 2023 Public forum on the Report of the Governor's Task Force on Juvenile Justice Reform.   View video HERE

 January 11, 2023 Washtenaw County equity initiatives for the local criminal justice system 
Presentation by Alize Asberry Payne, County Racial Equity Officer, who spoke about equity initiatives, especially initiatives related to the local criminal justice system.  View at Alize Asberry Payne, Racial Equity Office Jan 2023 - YouTube
Presented by Peter Sinclair of the Yale Climate Project, based in Midland, Michigan
Peter is a renowned videographer and speaker specializing in environmental and energy issues.
He is recognized by the National Center for Science Education as a “Friend of the Planet”




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