Board of Directors

Board of Directors



 Co-Presidents Jim Treharne &
Maria Woloson
 Vice President - Voter Service
 Judy Bateman 
 Vice President - Membership   Tera Moon 
 Vice President - Finance   Karen DeGrendel 
 Secretary   Susan Learman
 Treasurer   Mary Howarth 


 Administration   Sue Abrams
 Voter Editor   Kim Somsky
 Candidate Forums   Jerry Burden 
Chair, Community Engagement Geri Rinschler
Voter Registration Ann Megalizzi
Redistricting Kathleen Maisner
They Represent You Eva Packard

Off-Board Positions

 Mailings   Ann Edwards 
 Voter Guides   Deb Horner 
 Communications   Patricia Finn 
 Webmaster   Tera Moon 
 Vote 411   Susan Liebetreu
 Education   Kathy Henry

Nominating Committee

 Patricia Finn, Chair 
 Susan Liebetreu
 Laura Gogola