Is your voter registration up-to-date?

Is your voter registration up-to-date?

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Have you moved lately?  Failed to vote for several years?  Should you check your voter registration to be sure it's up to date?

You can verify that your registration is up-to-date by going to VOTE411, the League of Women Voters' resource for all manner of voter information.

For your information:  Michigan's Secretary of State has just completed a routine and federally mandated purge of the Qualified Voter File (QVF), the database developed by the state of Michigan and maintained by municipal and county clerks and the Bureau of Elections. Great effort is put into keeping the QVF up to date including, on a two year cycle, cancelling voter registrations primarily for one of four reasons:

  • A voter moves away from their voting jurisdiction.
  • A voter dies.
  • A voter registration is identified as a duplicate.
  • A voter requests that his or her registration be cancelled.

Developing the cancellation list is a complicated process, but if you're really wondering, you can read about it HERE .  And to read about the 2023 cancellation list and how to get a copy, look HERE



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