League email - options

League email - options

MyLO does not have an email system built in, the way that LEW did previously. The reason for this is that supporting email — especially in a way that maintains whitelists — is a server and security intensive service, and is therefore cost-prohibitive in the long run.

We recommend three different options for managing your email: 

  1. Use a Google Business email account with your custom domain
  2. Use the service provided by your domain registrar (e.g. Godaddy, Dreamhost)
  3. Use a free generic Gmail account

The advantages to using one of these systems over the old system are: a) your emails are less likely to be flagged by spam blacklists because they will be served by trusted sources; b) they will be better at catching and filing spam, and c) they have more modern email management controls including forwarding, auto-responses, and viewing systems.

Please connect with MyLO administration on the Google Support Group or by emailing mylo [at] lwvc.org with additional questions.

More about each option

Google Business email account


This is not a free option. It costs $5/address/month. It is, however, the best option because 

  • Email addresses use your personalized URL
  • You have Google's impressive security system behind your email accounts
  • You have Google's impressive spam control system behind your email accounts
  • Your emails are less likely to get lost in spam because Google is a trusted source
  • Gsuite offers an impressive set of functionality that can be very adventagous to your League

Google has been known to give discounts and even waive the fee for non-profits, so it is worth contacting them to ask if they would so so for your League.

Your Registrar's Email System

The company with which you registered your domain (e.g. GoDaddy, Dreamhost) name likely offers free or very inexpensive email services using your domain name if you choose to use them.

They ususally offer decent email management tools, some level of security, and some level of spam management, and can be pretty good. 

The risk is that there is less high-level email server management on the backend keeping your email addresses from being flagged as spam sources (blacklisted), so you don't have as much protection there. Usually the registrat will, however, offer chat-based support to help you when you have questions or challenges with your email accounts.

Set up a free Gmail email address

You can set up a free email address using gmail, with an address such as yourleaguename@gmail.com. This option has all of the advantages of using Gsuite as described above, but it doesn't have the vanity URL and it would only be one address, not many.

You would do this here: https://accounts.google.com/SignUp?hl=en

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