Functions for Front Page

Functions for Front Page

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EXTRA ITEM in pink appearing on your homepage?
These may appear on your site's front page. You can now easily remove these empty listings that might appear on your front page. Jump to the instructions below or watch on YouTube.

Quick overview

With our most recent update in May 2021, you can now more easily manage the list of promoted items that displays on your front page/homepage. Here's a quick list of the new abilities added for the front page:

  • promote subscribed content to your front page, specifically Articles and Action Alerts
  • highlight promoted content that outlines the content item and gains priority within the list
  • easily rearrange promoted items with draggable grabby handles
  • limit the number of visible items that will appear in the promoted items list

The front page list of promoted items now features its own sticky-like function that you can enable (Highlight this item on front page) or disable (Unhighlight this item on front page). Items that are promoted to your front page will no longer be affected by Sticky.

How to access new functions

You can access these options from a promoted item's context menu while on the front page or from a predefined list of content (view). Open the context menu by hovering over the content items in the list; you'll see the dotted outline and the gear in the right corner of the listing.

Front page item context menu, highlight this item on front pageAn example of the new options for the front page, accessible via the context menus (gear icon).


Front page item context menu, de-emphasize this item on front pageAn example of the new options for the front page, accessible via the context menus (gear icon).


Highlight & Unhighlight

Use these context menus on the front page and subscribed lists to highlight or unhighlight items promoted to your front page. Access these items' context menus by hovering over them in a list and click the cog/gear icon. By default, highlight and unhighlight works in two ways:

  • to provide the visual outline of red or gold, depending on your League's site colors

  • to automatically reorder the promoted items on your front page by physically moving the item up or down the list**

Promote Subscribed Articles and Action Alerts to your front page

You can also use these context menus to promote or demote subscribed content to and from your front page. Access the context menus from your homepage, or visit your subscribed lists for Articles or Action Alerts, and promote other League's content items to grow your front page list. Watch this part of the video for more help with this step:

Subscribed list  item context menu

An example of how to promote or highlight/unhighlight subscribed content items.


Manage Front Page Items

This is the first management link under the Adminstrator League menu.

Administrator League menu (expanded)

With Manage Front Page Items, you can:

Manually reorder the items with grabby handles

Click and drag the grabby handle to the left of each promoted item to rearrange the order. Then save the custom order. 

Not seeing the grabby handles? Refer to our FAQs (Show/Hide row weights - what does it mean?).

manage front page, grabby handles


Limit/Increase the number of visible items listed on the front page

Under the list of promoted items, you'll find this dropdown to set the number of visible items that will appear on the front page. Change the value then save the custom order. For example, if LWV Demo Site's number of visible items is set to 5, but there are 10 items total currently promoted to the front page, up to 5 only will show.

set number of visible items (Manage Front Page items)

Remove orphan items

If you see a promoted item on your front page that was submitted by General Public, you can easily remove these without affecting any custom order you might have saved. 


orphan item on homepage

An example of the "empty" listing (aka orphan item).

Use the Remove orphan items button:

remove orphan items

When saving a custom order

As soon as you save a customized order for your front page items, Highlight/Unhighlight this item on the front page will no longer automatically reorder the promoted items on your front page. The system will continue to obey your previously customized order. You can change this by:

  • saving another customized order (you can make as many changes to the rearrangement and/or number of visible items then save the order again), OR
  • resetting to default so that all promoted items are visible and all the highlighted items rise to the top.

Watch this video for more about Manage Front Page Items

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