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Add Page

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A page is the most basic content type. Learn how to create new pages and add them to your menu. To begin, click Add Page from your Administer League Site menu on your homepage. Administer League Site menu

Next, the editing form for a brand new page will open. This page does not yet exist on your League's site until you save your changes. Follow these next steps to learn how each field is meant to be used. (All are optional except for the title.)

  1. Add the Title.
  2. MAIN IMAGE: Add a main image that will display above the top of the page. You can upload a new image, or search for an existing one from the Media Library.
  3. ALTERNATE HERO IMAGE: you can have two different images displaying for this page. Follow the link in the next step to learn more about this option.
    1. Do Not Display A Hero ImageRead more about Main Image v. Alternate Hero Image.
  4. BODY: Add text to the Body. Format text and images as needed.
    1. (Edit summary): Add a short blurb about the page. This summary displays when you promote the page to the front page/homepage. To edit the summary, you'll find the link next to the title of the Body text box. For help with editing the summary, check out this documentation: Textbox w/ Edit Summary option
  5. BODY WITH EMBED CODE: If more space is needed, add an additional text box or add embed code (e.g. embed code for a YouTube video). 
  6. ISSUES: Add related issue(s) to the page. This list is comprised of the current issues at the National League and California League. If you would like issue topics added, please email MyLO Support at mylo [at]
  7. POSITIONS: Add related position(s) to the page. The list is all-inclusive (all Leagues displayed) and the positions are in order by position title then League name.
  8. PUBLIC OR MEMBERS ONLY?: By default, the new page is set to Public. You can change it to private so that the article is only viewed by authenticated users (users with login access).
  9. LEAGUE TO WHICH THIS CONTENT BELONGS: Most webmasters only belong to 1 League, so your League will already be selected as the owner of this content.
  10. Publishing Options: 
    1. Promoted to front page: checking this box will display a preview of the page on the homepage. When this option is enabled, the summary displays on the homepage. If you do NOT add your own customized summary, the first few lines of the page will automatically be taken as the summary on the homepage.
    2. MODERATION STATE: If you are happy with your changes, set this state to Published. Otherwise the draft will remain as the most recent revision with only the previously published version visible to the public.
    3. Click Save.

Now that your page exists on your MyLO site, you can now add its own menu link to your main menu.

Follow this documentation for steps on creating menu links.

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