Working with Your League's Menu (Navigation)

Working with Your League's Menu (Navigation)

Working with Your League's Menu (Navigation)

Click to watch a video explaining how to work with your menu. This video is out of date due to improvements to the user interface on MyLO, but the ideas in here should get you started. This notice will be removed when the video is up to date.

The "menu" is another word for your League site's navigation or structure

There are two types of links on a menu: internal (meaning, links to content within your site) and external (meaning, links to content outside of your site). In the case of MyLO, links to any League site within MyLO, or any national level MyLO content, is also considered "internal." 

There are two ways in which you can add a menu link to your menu:

  1. Manage Menu Items - this option allows you to manage your entire menu from one page
    1. List Links - this is another option for managing your entire menu. When you hover over your menu, a cog will appear in the top-right corner of the menu; click the cog, and choose List Links.
  2. Add Content from Content Edit Forms - when editing existing content (i.e. page, form, article, event), you can edit the menu settings to provide a menu link for that particular piece of content.

Manage Menu Items

To re-order the menu items or add new links, select MANAGE MENU from the Administer League menu in the left sidebar of your League landing page. The list of links that appears is your menu. You can rearange the order of and enable and disable menu items here.

Unchecking "Enabled" causes the item to not appear on the menu, but won't remove the item from the menu list--this menu list is only visible to webmasters while editing the menu.

There are a handful of menu items you want to be sure to disable rather than delete. For more on this, see Menu items not to delete.

This is especially valuable if you want to store a link for potential later use, but aren't ready to use it immediatley.

Reordered menu


Add content directly to the menu from content edit form

You can also manage your menu by creating or editing the page of content itself. Please note that the menu settings option will appear only after the initial version of your content has been saved. For example, when you are first creating a page, this option will not be available; you'll need to save your changes (whether in draft or published state) first, then once you edit the existing draft (or create a new draft), you'll see the menu settings option is available under the publishing options at the bottom of the content edit form.

To quickly get back to any content you'd like to add to the menu, go to Manage Content from the Administer League Site menu. Then locate the content in the list you'd like to edit. When you are editing the content, at the very bottom of the form you will find a tab labeled "Menu settings."

  1. Check the "Provide a menu link" checkbox to expand more options
  2. Choose whether this piece of content appears at the top level of your menu by simply choosing your League name, or
  3. Choose another menu item to be the parent of this new piece of content

menu options

By clicking on "Provide a menu link," a "Parent" field will appear that will allow you to place your content where you want it.

parent menu

TIP: When adding the menu link directly from the content, you'll need to publish your changes to that content to see the menu link in your menu.

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