Menu items not to delete

Menu items not to delete

The following menu items are automatically populated at the time your site is created:

  • About
  • Donate
  • Issues
  • Join
  • Studies
  • Voting
  • Action Alerts
  • Articles
  • Calendar
  • Positions
  • Members-Only (note that only logged-in members will see this link)

While you are able to delete any of these items, it is best if you disable them rather than deleting them in case you want to bring back the content or functionality at a later date.

The bold items above are the ones you especially do not want to delete. If you delete them, a top-teir site admin will be needed to recreate them if you ever want this functionality in the future.

To disable them, uncheck the checkbox in the Enabled column and click "Save configuration."

When the menu items are disabled, they will not be visible in the menu.

Remember: only authenticated users will see links to content that is restricted to members.

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