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photo Texas Secretary of State David Whitley

The House Committee on Oversight and Reform sent a letter to the state Thursday asking for documents related to the review.

Photo - Voters wait at the polls in Texas

The Texas Civil Rights Project REPORT: How Election Administration Failures Impacted Hundreds of Thousands of Texas Voters

photo-Hays County Commissioners recognize election judges, clerks, and poll-workers
Press Release

Election workers make voting possible

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Texas Capitol

I joined the League almost 50 years ago because I believed the League would give me a voice in our representative government, where we often feel like our opinion gets lost.

Thank you letters for voting rights advocacy.

Wow! You are amazing! All of your work advocating for voting rights across Texas was incredibly impactful! Our elected officials listened to what you had to say about voting rights in Texas. Especially when we said it in force!

Texas Capitol

There may be only a few days left in the session, but the action isn't over yet.  Many deadlines are past, yet bill authors are still accepting or rejecting amended versions from the other chamber.

Empowering Voters Defending Democracy US Flag.

The House Calendars Committee did not place SB 9 on the House calendar by the deadline!  SB9 appears to be dead.

This is great news for voters in Texas!

Group gathered at the Texas Capitol in opposition to SB9
Protect voting rights in Texas!