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photo Texas Secretary of State David Whitley

The House Committee on Oversight and Reform sent a letter to the state Thursday asking for documents related to the review.

Photo - Voters wait at the polls in Texas

The Texas Civil Rights Project REPORT: How Election Administration Failures Impacted Hundreds of Thousands of Texas Voters

photo-Hays County Commissioners recognize election judges, clerks, and poll-workers
Press Release

Election workers make voting possible

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Grace Chimene, president League of Women Voters of Texas

Press Conference Statement: Grace Chimene, League of Women Voters Texas President

Texas flag Empowering voters defending democracy
Press Release
Austin – The League of Women Voters of Texas is disappointed that SB 9 passed the Senate today. The League of Women Voters of Texas members will lead efforts across the state to stop SB 9 and similar bills from being passed in the T
Texas Capitol
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Grace Chimene, president League of Women Voters of Texas, talking about the National Day of the Census
Press Release

On behalf of the League, we would like to welcome you here today to the commencement of the One Year Countdown to Census 2020.