LWV Central Vermont Chapter Welcomes New Citizens




A rush at the voter registration table following the ceremony

2002 saw the first naturalization ceremony in the State House commemorating the 2001 attack on Manhattan's World Center twin towers and other sites in the U.S. Since 2006 the LWV Central VT, first in partnership with the Champlain Valley League, has registered the new citizens to vote and hosted a reception in the Cedar Creek Room for them and their guests.



Registration table ready for our work to begin

This year a record three-fourths of the new citizens were registered, thanks to the help of members Jez Harrington, Scott Hess, Judith Hinds, Barbara McAndrew, Jill McKeon, Anne Mixer, Madeliene Mongan, Madeline Motta, Sue Racanelli and volunteers Priscilla Fox, Barbara Ploof and Susan Weber. Mary Jane Harris and Neely Washington graced the reception table. It appeared that everyone contributed cookies to the spread.



Kate Rader, Neely Washington and Jil McKeon prepare for the reception


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