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suffragists march

The League Centennial

The League celebrated 100 years on February 14th!   

League Members with Volunteer dressed as Suffragette and wearing a Votes For Women Sash


Votes For Women

Registering voters at the Transit Center on National Voter Registration Day

Empowering Voters

Defending Democracy

Mason County Board Members at a board retreat don a variety of hats to signifying the many hats they wear, the roles they have taken on, as League board members.

Our Board Wears Many Hats

LWV Mason County Board Retreat

Photo of members watching County Auditor present during a monthly membership meeting

Get involved

Join us at an upcoming event!

Mason League members as a monthly membership meeting

Meet Our Members

Join us!

Mason County

We are all equal at the ballot box, but only if we vote. The League of Women Voters engages millions of voters every year ensuring Americans have the information they need to participate in elections that determine our future.

Your Vote Is Your Voice
Event Date: 
Oct 31 2020 (All day)

It is October 31 and you have 3 Days to get ready to Vote

What can you do today?  Mason County Voter Services office is open today- 9am to 2pm

You've gotten your ballot and discovered there are several races for judges; do you know about them?


The LWV Washington State and LWV Mason County supports Approval of Referendum 90
Candidate Forum
  1. The Washington State League of Women Voters is holding state wide candidate forums for the  general election. Some debates will be aired live; all will be recorded.  The Forums Page will be
Climate Change

Submiited by Sherri Dysart


                Mason County Ballot Drop Boxes


Action Alerts

Please consider contacting your representatives concerning possible cuts to payroll taxes which could affect your Social Security benefits, including disability, both current (and future) as contained in the Presidential Memorandum of


#BeVoteReady encourages Mason County residents to be proactive in preparing for the November 3, 2020 General Election.  Click open # Be Vote Ready


Virginia Case: "In these trying times, the League’s commitment to democracy requires us to speak out against racism and violence. I hope you will join me in this commitment by doing the work required of us to be an anti-racist organization".
Your Vote Is Your Voice

VOTE411 IS commited to ensuring voters have the information they need to succesfully participate in every election.

League of Women Voters Buttons

Please use the Voter Services tab to find links to Voter Information, Candidate Information, and Security of Vote-by-Mail Elections. Our Events Calendar has dates of upcoming candidate forums and voter education events.


In this letter, Eric Moll, Mason Health CEO and Superintendent of Public Health District No. 1 of Mason County, responds to the League regarding environmental sustainability and climate change.
Cultivating Civic Conversations

Looking for Some Self-Care After the Election? Join a Whistling in the Dark Group!

By Katherine Murphy, LWV of Kittitas County, and Wende Sanderson, LWV of Skagit County


Vote-by-mail is an essential way for voters to stay safe while exercising their right to choose who governs them (Harwood, Matthew. “Why a Vote-by-Mail Option is Necessary.” Brennan Center for Justice.; April 7, 2020).

Candidates speak at League of Women Voters Candidate Forum

Elections impact every aspect of our lives, and we all need to weigh in. Our members equip voters with essential information by hosting community events, such as candidate forums. These forums allow voters to hear directly from candidates who will appear on their ballots.

Join the League. Everyone is welcome!

As a member, you will:

  • Have the opportunity to participate in local, state, and national League work
Hands of different colors surrounding the League of Women Voters Logo symbolizing the League's commitment to diversity.

LWV is an organization fully committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion in principle and in practice. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are central to the organization’s current and future success in engaging all individuals, households, communities, and policy makers in creating a more perfect democracy.