Vote-by-mail is an essential way for voters to stay safe while exercising their right to choose who governs them  (Harwood, Matthew. “Why a Vote-by-Mail Option is Necessary.” Brennan Center for Justice.; April 7, 2020).

Elections incorporating Vote-By-Mail are made safe by

  • Expanding opportunities to Vote-By-Mail (Mail-In-Ballot) in order to stem COVID-19 outbreaks and increase participation of those in quarantine or caregiving
  • Protecting access to the ballot for vulnerable populations
  • Increasing safe, in[person voting options for those with unreliable mail service or those who need ballot translation or those with specific disabilities
  • Extending voting periods at least two weeks to reduce long lines and crowding at polling places
  • Expanding voter registration options and same day registrations

Elections incorporating Vote-By-Mail are made secure by

  • Sending ballots only to registered voter and returned them to Auditor’s Office if voter has moved
  • Establishing secure ballot drop-off locations
  • Designating at least two people to process ballots at all times
  • Verifying every ballot signature against their voters registration record
  • Being able to track each ballot through the USPS
  • Enacting harsh penalties for ballot tampering: $10,00 fine and five years in prison for each infraction
  • Providing enhanced cyber security in Washington State

 Elections incorporating Vote-By-Mail have an advantage by

  • Increasing cost effectiveness over time
  • Conducting a more efficient election in manpower, polling places, and advertising
  • Increasing voter participation
  • Allowing more time to study the ballot and obtain answers to questions
  • Assuring the safety of Americans who vote

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