August 6, 2020 Action Alerts Mason County LWV

August 6, 2020 Action Alerts Mason County LWV

Time for Action
Time Range For Action Alert: 
August 7, 2020 to December 31, 2020

August 6, 2020

In Honor of Rep. John Lewis-THE VOTER RIGHTS AND CIVIL RIGHTS ACT TOGETHER we must find the common ground to construct the format that allows us to build "WE THE PEOPLE!"      

Our Democracy depends on every American having the right and opportunity to safely and efficiently to VOTE and have their vote counted.

One plan by a House Representative

  • All voting shall begin 30 days prior to the Election date.
  • All ballots must be postmarked by midnight the Saturday before the Election Date.
  • Ballot processing may proceed as ballots arrive.
  • No result announcement shall be made until the Election Polling locations close.

 Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security continue to be a target

The League of Women Voters of the United States believes that the federal government has a role in funding social security and Medicare.  Federal deficit reduction should not be achieved by reducing Social Security benefits.

Contact your congressmen to defeat the TRUST Act which is included in the Covid-19 package known as the HEALS Act.  The TRUST Act creates a closed-door committee to fast-track cuts to earned benefits, specifically Social Security and Medicare under the guise of a relief package for the Covid-19 crisis.

Social Security and Medicare should not be cut because of the pandemic.  We should not be holding financial relief hostage for millions of Americans who lost their job through no fault of their own in order to cut Medicare benefits.

The TRUST Act will result in far-reaching cuts to Social Security and Medicare—that is the intention of the bill.  The legislation sets up closed-door commissions to fast-track the destruction of these programs. In 2010, a similar closed-door commission made cuts to the Cost-of-Living Adjustment (COLA); hiked the retirement age (which is an across-the-board benefit cut for all retirees); changed the Social Security benefit formula to reduce the amount people receive each month; and made cuts to Medicare that forced seniors and individuals with disabilities to pay more for drugs, doctor visits, and hospital care by increasing cost-sharing like co-pays.`    

 U.S. Postal Service

  • Has a record for reliable delivery for business transactions including the IRS.
  • Provides for rural voters.
  • USPS staff includes numerous minorities including women, Blacks, Latinos, minorities.
  • USPS supports rural community activities.
  • USPS supports rural employment.
  • Post Offices tend to be a community’s gathering place.
  • Small town Post Offices are relied upon by hospitals, Dr.’s offices and health Care Services.
  • Rural areas are already suffering from the losses of rural hospital.


  • Repeals the $135 billion Millionaires tax break.
  • Extends unempolyment Insurance, $660 per week.
  • Provides $900 billion for state and local public services.
  • $117 in additional support to Medicaid.
  • $13/hour hazard pay for essential workers.
  • No threats to Social Security or Medicare.
  • Restaurant Act.


  • Maintains the huge tax break for 43,000 millionaires.
  • Reduces unemployment insurance to $200/week.
  • No general support for State and local public services.
  • No additional support to Medicaid.
  • Corporate immuity from coronavirus lawsuits.
  • Includes the Trust Act to gut Social Security and Medicare.

Local News and Emergency Information Act of 2020

Senator Cantwell is supporting these efforts to get grants to preserve and increase local newspaper employment nation wide.  The grant would be distributed equitably based on population.