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Woman with sign that reads, "What lessens one of us, lessens all of us."

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**Updated 5/13/2019** Contact your Senators today to support S. 949, the For the People Act, and call for a hearing.

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On Tuesday February 26, 2019, ROV Kelley will present a detailed plan to the OC Board of Supervisors for moving Orange County to the Vote Centers in 2020. Attend and/or contact your supervisor to help support Vote Centers.

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More money flooding our elections is the last thing California needs. Despite that, legislators are fast-tracking a bill that gives their own caucus leaders a war chest to use in unlimited amounts on preferred state candidates.

AB 84 will consolidate money and influence among legislative leadership and undermine California’s fair and competitive elections. Act now and urge your state senator to vote NO on AB 84.

Families Belong Together

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UPDATE: Photos from march. Every day we hear more heartbreaking stories about the separation of families arriving at our border seeking sanctuary from desperate situations in their countries and greater opportunities for their children.