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Civil Discourse

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Civil Discourse in Orange County 

More than 75% of Americans say they now believe that the lack of civility and respect in our country has reached a crisis level.  In response to this crisis, the League promotes civil discourse for the people of the United States.  We hold civil conversations about issues that matter -  in order to help reduce this polarization and to bridge the political divide in our country. The goal of these conversations is to help people learn from each other, build relationships and look for ways to reduce the growing polarization in our public life.  Talking Across the Political Divide Session

Our society can thrive when people have divergent views on important issues. But the health of our democracy is threatened if the majority of people have disdain or contempt for those on the other side. The best antidote to our current divisions is to provide opportunities for healthy conversation where listening and learning take precedent over arguing and disagreement. 

The League works with groups of people who have different political views and engages them in civil and respectful conversation about issues that matter to our nation.  We promote conversations with people to talk about what can be done to reduce polarization and to discuss issues that matter to us all.  We provide an opportunity for people of different views to talk with each other and, more importantly, really listen to each other.

Civil Discourse Activities Offered by LWV Orange Coast

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Civil Discourse Materials and Resources 

Below are a variety of materials developed by Leagues throughout the country. You’re free to use them as is, or adapt to your needs. A suggested reading list and articles are included. Also included are links to other organizations that provide civil discourse materials. 

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