Natural Resources Committee

Natural Resources Committee

The Natural Resources Committee develops education and advocacy activities and forums related to environmental issues.
Current initiatives include:

  • 7th Annual Climate Forum
  • Local education, including League Days
  • Advocacy for state and local environmental issues.
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The DreamtLand
Event Date: 
May 21 2019 - 11:30am
Event location: 

The Depot

A vivid, searching journey into California’s capture of water and soil——an epic story of a people’s defiance of nature and the wonders, and ruin, it has wrought

Recycled Water: A Reliable Supply in Unreliable Times

Now that the snowpack is not a reliable resource, as a state, we have to get serious about keeping water on the land and not having it go as quickly as possible out to the ocean. This means a total revamp of how we have managed water in California. Besides stormwater capture or building more dams, one of the ways to accomplish this is to recycle water: a proven concept. The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD) and the Los Angeles Sanitation District have teamed up and are planning to build a recycling water plant in Carson, CA.


agriculture study

AGRICULTURE STUDY Adopted ILO Positions May 21, 2016


Land Use

Here are some local environmental websites:

The League of Women Voters has been at the forefront of the environmental protection movement for decades, consistently supporting legislation to preserve our nation’s natural resources and protect our public health. 

Studies are a lot of fun to participate in and have a big impact in the League and in our communities!