Water Resources

Water Resources

Adopted in 2005

Support of provisions to assure adequate water supply in Santa Clara County


  • Support increased use of:
    • conservation measures as top priority, including inverted rate structure, and individual metering of multiple-family buildings
    • recycled/treated waste water, including additional research to expand uses; water banking
    • wells as a source of emergency water


  • Support of local control of water resources for:
    • water quality and health concerns following State and Federal standards
    • emphasis on conservation
    • provision of sufficient budget for maintenance and repair of delivery systems
    • reliable allocation of resources as well as protection of infrastructure
    • protection of the environment
    • adequate local power to protect water rights in the county


  • Support of measures to protect water supply in disaster situations, including drought, that:
    • insure the delivery system is in good repair
    • encourage cities and the county to have disaster plans and budgets to cover implementation
    • provide for county and interagency coordination
    • encourage personal responsibility for disaster preparedness through education
  • Support of additions to the LWVC Privatization Checklist (2004) to cover the following issues of importance to Santa Clara County:
    • protection and maintenance of infrastructure
    • public input in privatization negotiations
    • disaster preparedness


  • Support the following measures that educate professionals and members of the public regarding conservation methods:
    • coordinated countywide conservation landscaping standards; tiered water rates
    • encourage cities to develop standards of water conservation in landscapes
    • certification of landscapers and other professionals.