Redistricting 2021

Read the Janary 2023 CT Mirror op end from Joan Twiggs and Laura Smits

Redistricting occurs every 10 years, following the federal Census.  U.S. House and state legislative district maps are re-drawn using  Census data to reflect changes in population.

LWVUS created the People Powered Fair Maps campaign in 2019 to help ensure that each state: 

  1. Draws maps that have equal population districts (required by U.S. Constitution)
  2. Draws their maps without creating discriminatory impact on minority groups (Voting Rights Act as amended). 

In Connecticut, redistricting methods are embedded in the state constitution. A bipartisan committee must be established to update the legislative district maps; these maps must be approved by the General Assembly by September 15 . 

The Connecticut League's goals are:
  1. To make the bipartisan process as open and as transparent as possible
  2. To engage with  citizens and citizen groups around the state, increasing knowledge and to identifying any specific issues of concern to citizens.

The Connecticut Fair Maps Campaign is seeking to engage local leagues and other citizen groups throughout the state and is particularly eager to engage residents/organizations in cities. 

If you would like to help ensure fair and equitable redistricting in your area, please email redistricting [at]


Learn more about the People Powered Fair Maps campaign in Connecticut and the U.S.