The League of Women Voters began when women gained the right to vote. This is still a bedrock of our organization. However, we believe that voters must be informed about our political system: the current issues, political structures, and laws; the legislators and the candidates who challenge them; and the implications of each of these elements on our future. We do not align with political parties, but are strong advocates for needed change. We study issues carefully before we make our decisions for action. Then, as an organization, based on the results of study, we adopt the positions that guide what we do. 


What are we studying now?


Through The National League of Women Voters, we act as a unified force to take action on issues of concern. Our public policy positions on Representative GovernmentInternational RelationsNatural Resources, and Social Policycan be found here

At our 2014 National Convention, the body put forward a specific National plan to address Protecting Voters (articles), Reforming Money in PoliticsDefending the EnvironmentReforming ImmigrationAdvancing Health CareGun SafetyFixing Fiscal Policy,Improving GovernmentGlobal Democracy, and Human Trafficking.


At the state level, The League of Women Voters of Kansas, is focusing on protecting the right to vote, Judicial selection, the funding of education, and environmental quality, including the state study on Fracking and Water Quality. Our complete state positions are here.


At the local level, the LWVMRC is active in voter education and voter registration outreach.  Through our connections with other community and student groups, we sponsor candidate forums, legislative wrap-ups, and informational sessions on key issues. These events are listed on our Calendar page.

You may find our local positions on Government Issues, Planning and Natural Resources, and Social Environment, and Social Policy here.

We have observers who report on the Riley County Law Board and the USD 383 School Board. You may find these reports here.


The League of Women Voters takes action on an issue or advocates for a cause when there is an existing League position that supports the issue or speaks to the cause. 

Positions result from a process of careful study. Any study, whether it be National, State, or Local, is thorough in its pursuit of facts and details. The pros and cons are researched and discussed. Probing concurrence questions are formulated and the material presented to the membership.

Additional discussion, pro and con, takes place as general members are informed and come to agreement on the position statements. If a segment of the study is not approved by consensus, it may not be in the final form. The board forms positions based on that consensus. 

Firm action or advocacy can then be taken on the particular issue addressed by the position. Without a position, action/advocacy cannot be taken. 

Another pathway to positions is "Concurrence". When a League has completed a study, that group may offer other Leagues the information and consensus questions. The general membership may then learn about, discuss, and finally adopt the position as their own.



Join us for League Discussion: Learn about issues and hot-button topics directly from officials and experts at League Discussion meetings. Discussion meetings are open to the public. Watch for announcements regarding locations, dates, topics and speakers on the league's home page, in the local newspaper, and on Facebook.


LWV MRC Annual Meeting The local league's annual business meeting is in April. During the meeting league members adopt a budget and program for the year as well as elect officers. These meetings have often featured a speaker and usually include a dinner or luncheon. At this meeting, our annual Stella Harriss Scholarship is awarded to a continuing education student. Members will be notified by mail and e-mail about the time, place and agenda for the Annual Meeting.

Forums The league sponsors two kinds of educational forums: issue forums and candidate forums. The league may present a panel of speakers to explore an issue of local, state or national significance. The league also conducts candidate forums prior to local, state and national elections as part of a voter service initiative. Find out more on our website and in local media. 

Good Government Award The LWVMRC presents the Good Government Award annually to a person who has devoted considerable time and energy to successfully promoting better government or whose leadership has advanced human dignity or improved the quality of life for the community. 

LWVK Convention and Council The LWVKansas state league convention is every odd-numbered year in April. This is the state league's business meeting when officers are elected and the state league program is adopted, 

The LWVKansas State League Council Every even-numbered year in April, features speakers on state government issues and includes a business session.

League Day at the Capitol The state league hosts the League Day at the Capitol each spring. Members from across the state come to Topeka to meet with legislators and hear speakers talk about state issues.

League of Women Voters National Convention and Council The LWV National holds its national convention every even numbered years. The LWV National Council is every odd numbered years in June.