Stella Harriss Scholarship

Stella Harriss Scholarship

Past Recipients of the Stella Harriss Scholarship:

2019-2020 Scholarship Recipient: Mercedes Payton comes from a background of generational poverty.  After a long term abusive relationship, she enrolled in Hutchinson Community College and then KState.  She is a junior majoring in Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies.  With her long term goal to receive an MA in Social Work, she hopes to help women who experience violence and to address issues that may prevent them from leaving traumatic situations.

2018-2019 Scholarship Recipient: Kristan Crawford is a senior, married  and majoring in Theater and International Studies with a minor in French.  She studied abroad for a semester in Pau, France.  She has writing skills and would like to pursue an MA in Children's Literature, but her goal will depend on her husband's future plans.

2017-2018 Scholarship Recipient: Angie Mitchell taught K-12 art for fifteen years and in 2015 decided to get a degree in civil engineering.  She sees art and engineering as complementary professions and feels that civil engineering is a natural bridge between her two passions:  art and science.  She has a BFA and BA from the University of Iowa.  Angie is a junior majoring  in civil engineering.

2016-2017 Scholarhip Recipient: Tara Jackson is a single mother with two teen age boys.  She is a junior and is majoring in Communication Studies.  Her long term career goal includes starting her own communication consulting firm.  She has two jobs:  Program Director for the Youth Volunteer Corps of Manhattan and also Event Coordinator at the Columbian Theater in Wamego.  She wants to show other women that anything is possible no matter the circumstances or obstacles.

2015-2016 Scholarship Recipient: Sara Devine graduated from Kansas State with a BA in Geography.  She has returned as a senior and graduate student to earn her licensure in Secondary Social Studies Education and to receive an MA in Special Education.  Her husband, a veteran, learned that he is now involuntarily separated from the army because of his PTSD.  Sara has been employed as a paraprofessional at Ft. Riley's Middle School and has been active in the Historical and Archaeological Society of Ft. Riley. 

2013-2014 Scholarship Recipient: Angel Alvarado, a junior at K-State majoring in Construction Science. She is married and has four children. Angel lives in Westmoreland.

2012-2013 Scholarship Recipient: Angel Alvarado, a junior at K-State majoring in Construction Science. She is married and has four children. Angel lives in Westmoreland.

2011-2012 Scholarship Recipient: Orendrea Renee Carter. Orendrea is a 44-year-old African-American divorced woman who has one son who graduated from college last year. She is a junior in Public Health Nutrition at Kansas State University, and her goal is to obtain a masters degree in public health. She believes that better nutritional awareness can help people to lead a healthy life with preventive maintenance.