LWVMRC Annual Meeting (Virtual)

LWVMRC Annual Meeting (Virtual)

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Saturday, May 30, 2020 - 10:30pm

Please join us for our annual meeting! This is our important opportunity to celebrate our year's successes and prepare for the year to come.  As we celebrate the League's 100th Centennial and prepare for the 2020 election, we will be excited and busy! For safety reasons, we will be meeting over the Internet and by phone.  We will use the Zoom software.  This will let participants join on their computers, to see and hear the meeting, and also let members join by telephone.  You will need an invitation to join the meeting, so please RSVP through lwv.manhattanks [at] gmail.com

This is an event for League members and their guests. 

League of Women Voters of Manhattan/Riley County

Annual meeting agenda for 10:30 am, Saturday, May 30, 2020

(Internet meeting) 


Call to Order: Cathy Hedge 

Appointment of parliamentarian: Kathy Dzewaltowski

Determination of quorum present – 20% of membership (21 members required)

Review of agenda

Review of 2019 annual meeting minutes



Guest Speaker: Rev. Jonalu Johnstone, Unitarian Universalists Fellowship of Manhattan

Communications report: Cathy Hedge

Treasurer's report:  Karen Hummel

Committee reports

  • Voter registration: Bill Schenck-Hamlin (new item) Including Donna Schenck-Hamlin Wildcats Vote report. 
  • Observer corps (Thank you and call for observers)       
  • (New item) Centennial Committee: Kerri Keller “Kansas Women Did it!” 
  • Programs/Lunch with League: Cathy Hedge      
  • Financial review 

Recognitions: Remembering Jan Kruh and John Strickler 

New members: 

Stella Harriss Scholarship Recipient:       

New business:

  • Elect slate of officers: Helen Estes (We will seek nominations of secretary from the floor.) 
  • Presentation, discussion, and approval of bylaw revisions: Barbara Anderson
  • Plans for the upcoming year: Karen Hummel

Call for volunteers for Designated leaders (voter registration, candidate forum, fundraising, Lunch with League, and events. Fair volunteers for the Centennial, if feasible on September 14.)

Guidance to the board: Kerri Keller