Planning for Education

Planning for Education

Long-range planning, funding; Title IX and gender equity
Position In Brief: 

Action to Support:

  • Long range educational planning
  • Adequate local funding
  • Measures to promote gender equity

Long Range Planning (1984)

  1. Any long-range plan should be comprehensive, consistent, realistic and equitable.
  2. Any plan should provide for evaluation procedures after the implementation.      
  3. As quality of education is determined at the most basic level of the quality of teachers in the system, teachers, must be:
  • Offered competitive salaries;
  • Helped to maintain and improve their skills;
  • Assigned classes of manageable size.
  • A sound education system requires adequate local funding and development of public support for the education budget.
  • Gender Equity (1984)

    1. The school system should continue to take an active role in educating to reduce sexist attitudes and practices in school and society.
    2. Positive implementation of Title IX needs to be reaffirmed periodically and evidenced by policy and program.
    3. A monitoring system to assure the application of Title IX principles to curriculum, teaching materials, counseling, vocational training and administration; educational plans.
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