LWV Oxford Board Members

LWV Oxford Board Members

Co-President for Organization

Jenny Fisher (2022-2024)

Co-President for Voter Service

Liz Wardle (2023-2025)

Co-President for Organization

Sandi Woy Hazleton (2022-2024)


Alison Haskins (2023-2025)


Stephanie Southard (2023-2025)

Director, Observer Corps

Sandy Drewes (2022-2024)

Director, Communications

Kathie Brinkman (2023-2025)

Director, Membership

Marsha Williamson (2023-2025)

Director, Social Policy Portfolio

Ellen Price (2023-2025)

Director, Rep. Government Portfolio

Dana Miller (2022-2024)

Director, Natural Resources Portfolio

Steve Gordon (2022-2024)

Chair, Nominating Committee

Edna Southard (2023-2025)

Member, Nominating Committee

Toni Saldivar (2023-2024)

Member, Nominating Committee

Kathy McMahon Klosterman (2023-2024)

Member, at Large

Lexi Marsh (2023-2025)


Board Appointed Positions – Voter Services Team

Voter Information Guide (VIG) Editor

Traci Wilson

Kids Voting Coordinator

Sandy Drewes

Voter Registration Coordinator

Becky Quay

Board Appointed Positions – Observer Corps

City of Oxford

Ann Fuehrer

Talawanda School Board

Katie McNeil

Oxford Township

Valerie Elliott

Milford Township

Lisa Herrmann

Butler County Board of Commissioners

Lydia Skoglind and Chris Skoglind