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  • Encourage informed & active participation in government
  • Increase understanding of major public policy issues
  • Influence public policy through education and advocacy

We are nonpartisan; meaning that we never endorse or oppose political parties or candidates.  Learn more about our work.


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Dwight Holton CEO Lines of Life Photo
Event Date: 
Dec 02 2023 10:00 am to 12:00 pm
Event location: 

West Linn Adult Community Center

SAVE THE DATE and RSVP for the 2023 Holiday Brunch with Speaker Dwight Holton

YOU ARE INVITED to join us on Saturday, December 2 at 10:00 am to celebrate the extraordinary members of the League of Women Voters of Clackamas County, whose dedication really Makes Democracy Work in our county and in our state. Please join us for a delicious brunch together with new members and old friends as we welcome our speaker, Dwight Holton, the CEO of Lines for Life, the leading suicide and substance abuse prevention non-profit in the Northwest.

PLEASE RSVP FOR YOU AND YOUR GUESTS BY NOVEMBER 30 to Betty Janes at 970-560-2364, email socials [at] or RSVP and choose to pay online [or later at the door] on our website Our online payment system is PayPal. No PayPal account? No problem, just scroll down and follow the prompts to pay with a credit card. Brunch will include coffee and other beverages with delicious quiche selections, side salads and accompaniments for $20. Guests are welcome! Doors open at 10:00 am of the West Linn Adult Community Center at 1180 Rosemont Road, West Linn, with free parking

Mt Hood

It's November already! Jump into the leaves, but to stay informed and prepare for the election year ahead check out the November 2023 Clackson.

Past Issues



Picture of retired Hillsboro District Superintendent Mike Scott
Event Date: 
Nov 08 2023 07:00 pm
Event location: 

Lakewood Center For The Arts

Please join us to hear retired Hillsboro School District Superintendent Mike discuss the state of public primary and secondary education, explain the impact of issues facing students and their families, faculty, and administrators,


LWV Clackamas hosted veteran editor and investigative reporter, Les Zaitz to speak about the Free Press and Survival of Democracy.  Watch it here


Here are the May 17th preliminary Special District Elections results.  What are Special Districts?  What do they do and who serves in them?  Check out this informative video to find out. Volunteer to serve in your special districts!

Oregon State Capitol

What are the Oregon Legislature priorities and action for 2023?  The League provides this update each week when the Legislature is in session and monthly at other times.  Priorities have been Education, Jobs & the Climate.  Read the latest update summarized by LWV's State Action Committee here  -  LWV Oregon Legislative Report


Did you know that LWV Oregon has completed several recent studies.?  They include:  Elections Methods Infomational Update, Caring for our Children, Pesticides & Biocides and Cybersecurity.  These studies are linked on our Advocacy page.  Study completion is only with majority agreement of all League members in the State. Many thanks to all who participated in developing this information.


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Missed the Forum for the 5th U.S. Congressional District? See Voting/Elections  & scroll down to view. Our Elections page has everything you need to vote, Voters Guides, Candidate Video Interviews, Ballot Measure Pros & Cons and more.


Young voters (ages 18 – 29) are invited to create videos under a minute long that motivate others to vote in every election: local, state and federal.


We are volunteers with the League of Women Voters, a citizens’ organization that has fought since 1920 to improve our government and engage all citizens in the decisions that impact their lives. We share stories, tips and how-tos to make sure you have the tools and confidence to actively engage our community. Named after one of the founders of the League of Women Voters, Alice Paul.  Exercise your vote! 

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Voting is the most powerful way to have your voice heard. It is the core of our democracy. It is your chance to stand up for what matters to you most and impact the issues affecting you, your community, and the future.  The League offers many tools to help you make informed choices.  The information presented on this page is part of the League's Voter Service work which is non-partisan (not endorsing any position, candidate or political party).  We provide resources and represent all sides equally.