What positions does the League stand for?  

The League advocates to educate and take action on public policy issues. Our actions are based on League positions formed through studies and member consensus at the local, state and national levels.  The League takes action on an issue only when there is an existing League position that speaks to the cause.  Advocacy is always conducted in a non-partisan manner (meaning that the advocacy is not on behalf of a candidate or political party.

 Summary of League Positions  


What issues are we working on now?

Every year, the League publishes lists of action items at the national and state level called Issues for Action or the Program.  This collection of issues will receive League focus & funding for the near future and is based on the guiding League positions.  Leagues across the nation are currently working on the following:


Voting Rights                                                   Elections  

 Expanding Voter Access                                  Educating Voters
 Redistricting                                                     VOTE411
 Money in Politics                                              Increasing Voter Registration
 Fighting Voter Suppression 

Other Issues

          Health Care Reform       The Environment         Census          Immigration

OREGON PROGRAM  Issues for Action 2019-2020 



How does the League select focus issues?  

We are truly a grassroots organization...any member can recommend an issue for advocacy to the local League.  As a group, the League can decide whether to take action and whether to advocate locally, state-wide or at the national level.  

Can I get involved in Advocacy?

Yes!  There are many ways to participate.    Learn more.