Upcoming Elections

Upcoming Elections

Election 2020

Tuesday, Nov 3 - General Election Day (Polls open 7:00 am - 7:00 pm)

President, Congress, Statehouse, County & Local


What to know before you go!

"Some polling places will be relocated or consolidated due to the pandemic.  Some facilities have declined to be used, and some poll managers have declined to serve. Election officials are working to find new locations and recruit new managers; however, some voters will vote at a different polling place"...Be Patient.

Voters should prepare by:

  • Making sure you are registered to vote, and your address is up-to-date
  • Reviewing your sample ballot at SCVotes.gov
  • Bringing your Photo ID
  • Checking your polling place at SCVotes.gov before going to the polls.
  • Considering Absentee Voting - All registered voters can apply to vote by Mail or In-Person

NEW! 2020 Election Update: Absentee voters can vote in-person at the Elections Office beginning Monday, Oct 5, weekdays 8am - 5pm (This was previously advertised as beginning Sep 28...overturned by SC Assembly).   Or at 3 Satellite Offices beginning Oct 5, weekdays 8:30am - 4:00pm.  Bring your mask, pen and photo ID. 

What are election officials doing to protect voters and poll managers at polling places?

The South Carolina Election Commission (SEC) and county election officials are taking steps to make polling places as safe as possible for voters and poll managers:

  • Managers will receive special training on sanitizing surfaces and applying social distancing concepts.
  • Managers will be equipped with masks, face shields and gloves.  
  • Managers will be provided with sanitizing wipes and will regularly clean common surfaces throughout the day.  
  • Check-in stations and voting equipment will be spaced to keep voters and managers at least six feet apart.  
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided for voters and managers.
  • Voters will be provided with a cotton swab for making selections on the touchscreen.
  • Voters are asked to wear their own mask if they have one and to bring their own pen for signing the poll list.