Where are the Candidates on Climate Change?

Where are the Candidates on Climate Change?

Climate Change

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Where are the candidates on Climate Change?
One of the goals of the League of Women Voters is to provide citizens the
tools they need to cast an informed ballot. Therefore, we are disappointed that
we could not proceed with a planned Virtual Town Hall on climate change set
for 10/22/20 for the 35 th Legislative District. As a nonpartisan organization, we
cannot hold candidate or town hall forums unless all candidates participate
(two were unavailable).

Does this matter? The League believes it does because it speaks to
leadership. What can be more important than electing leaders willing to listen
to the voices of their constituents who are rightfully concerned about climate

Earlier this year, the LWVMC invited Patti Case, Green Diamond Resource
Company, and Bill Dewey, Taylor Shellfish Farms, to speak to our Climate
Change Committee. Both these industries, the backbones of our natural-
resource-based economy in Mason County, are planning for, and dealing
with climate change issues.  

Businesses throughout the world acknowledge the significant threat to our
environment and economy as the Earth’s system warms. As voters, we are
asking our elected officials what action they will take to mitigate the impacts
of climate change. The best tool we have right now is a timely town hall – to
ask the hard questions on the reality of climate change and their bold
action needed to address the issue in our communities.
The eyes of our citizens will be on the upcoming 2021 Legislative session –
will it be courageous or just business as usual?

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