Environment Roundtable

Environment Roundtable

Climate - cars and wind turbines

Co-chairs: Carol Bloom and Judy Hoag

Email: environment [at] lwvpt.org

The Switch

Do you know about the whooping big tax credits for homeowners and renters for all manner of household appliances, and more, toward clean energy?
#2  All the details at Rewiring America

The National League of Women Voters’ (LWVUS) Position Statement on Climate Change Policy

"The League believes that climate change is a serious threat facing our nation and our planet.

The League believes that an interrelated approach to combating climate change — including through energy conservation, air pollution controls, building resilience, and promotion of renewable resources — is necessary to protect public health and defend the overall integrity of the global ecosystem. The League supports climate goals and policies that are consistent with the best-available climate science and that will ensure a stable climate system for future generations. Individuals, communities, and governments must continue to address this issue, while considering the ramifications of their decision at all levels — local, state, regional, national, and global."
----LWV Impact on Issues 2022-2024 (p. 110)

Environment Roundtable Activities

 Our activities include discussions of environmental concerns, zoom and in-person talks by experts, an annual League Luncheon with guest speaker, field trips, and actions that forward LWVPT Goals for 2023-2024. For dates and times, check the LWVPT calendar or inquire at environment [at] lwvpt.org.

Environment Roundtable Goals for 2023-2024

  • Raise public awareness of the causes and impacts of climate change
  • Build citizen support for clean energy use and energy conservation, with “clean energy” defined as “a zero emissions source that does not pollute the atmosphere when used, as well as energy saved by energy efficiency measures”
  • Monitor and support legislation, regulations, and local initiatives that address energy use, energy conservation, and protection from pollution of air, water, and land.

Environment Roundtable Speakers 2022-2023
(Click the link above for session descriptions, resources, and links to recorded sessions.)

  • Dr. Shamika “Shree” Dorestant, Greensboro’s first Chief Sustainability Officer 
  • Marion Gamble, Greensboro chapter member, Beyond Plastics  
  • Gary Kenton, LWVPT Board Member
  • Margaret Rowlett, Solar Power Now Coalition
  • Ashley Robinson, Greensboro's Waste Management Educator
  • Kirsten Minor, Health Manager, CleanAIRENC
  • Justin Catanoso, professor of journalism at Wake Forest University and reporter for Mongabay, LWVPT Lunch with the League

 *"Wind Farm and Greenhouse Gas Farm, Together" Kevin Dooley https://flickr.com/photos/pagedooley/4370352638/ (Bottom of photo cropped)