How Does Gerrymandering Work?

Gerrymandering 101 from Robert Millman on Vimeo. This video is from the movie Line in the Street which examines redistricting reform efforts in Pennsylvania.  Stream the movie here.

Fair Districts NC

LWVPT is a part of the Fair Districts NC coalition.  Fair Districts NC is a coalition of organizations working to educate and mobilize North Carolinians to introduce a citizen-led process to draw our electoral districts and end gerrymandering in our state. Help us show that North Carolinians want redistricting reform now! Endorse the 5 principles for redistricting reform using the form below. Also, check out upcoming Fair Districts events or volunteer with Fair Districts NC.


Latest NC Voting Districts

Want to examine the North Carolina's current voting districts for the state legislature and US Congress as well as the districts we will be voting in for the 2020 elections? Click the link above.  You can also type in your address to see which districts you live in and who your representatives are.

Democracy Demands and NC Deserves Non-Partisan Voting Districts 

Read this excellent op-ed written by LWVPT Fair Elections Roundtable member Ellen Weiner about the need to end gerrymandering in North Carolina.

Election Law Blog

Check out Rick Hasen's election law blog for thoughtful insights and analysis of election law, redistricting, voting rights, campaign finance, initiatives, legislation, remedies, and the US Supreme Court.

Dave's Redistricting App

Want to try drawing NC's voting districts for yourself? Dave's redistricting app allows you to do this for NC or any other US state. You'll have access to some of the demographic data the state legislature uses.  The software will also allow you to analyze your districts for porportionality, competitveness, minority rights, compactness, and splitting.

Panel Including Former Judges Discuss Non-Partisan Redistricting

In 2017, LWVPT held a forum featuring former N.C. Supreme Court Chief Justices Rhoda Billings (R) and Henry Frye (D), and convened by retired judge, former UNC system President, and co-chair of North Carolinians for Redistricting Reform Tom Ross.  The justices took part in an exercise in which a panel of 8 retired judges (4 Republicans and 4 Democrats) drew NC's congressional districts based upon fair redistricting criteria.  Learn about their experience.






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