Suzan's November/December President's Letter

Suzan's November/December President's Letter

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Dear Leaders, Members and Friends of the League:

Thank You bright text with flowersSpecial thanks to Leslie Stewart who stepped in to handle the LWVDV Presidency and the Communications Team work, allowing me to take a special trip—a 50-year wedding anniversary trip—knowing that our organization was in very good hands as we continue the 100-year tradition of outstanding LWV leadership.  Big thank you also to Marian Shostrom, Diane Bianchi, Ann Flynn, Martha Goralka, Ashley Coates, Cathleen Kirk, Christina Soto-Maynez, and Melanie Speir! They organized activities that provided all of us who participated with new methods to foster communication with a diversity of opinion, and new ways to inspire voter engagement.

Looking Back, Moving Forward — Women Power the Vote!

I hope that you will acknowledge with friends, family, neighbors, and other community organizations where you participate, the success of our suffragettes who advocated successfully to persuade elected all-male legislators across the country to approve the 19th Amendment 100 years ago. Many of those same suffragettes who gained the right to vote also created the League of Women Voters 100 years ago, and it is still active today empowering voters.

Join our board and members in a train trip to Sacramento on November 9th.  Bring friends, family, grandchildren, nieces and nephews to share in this once in a lifetime 100-year recognition and celebration of women gaining the right to vote in California, leading to the 19th Amendment and the creation of the LWV. (See page 6 for more information.)

Now, 100 years later, women still power the vote through their management of campaigns for candidates and ballot measures, and by successfully campaigning to become elected officials themselves.  In our county, we can be proud of the number of women in leadership roles.  Additionally, we have two U.S. Senators who are respected women in their leadership roles, with one of them now running for the office of President of the United States. 

multi-colored waving handsSpeaking of voter engagement, we are surprised that we have not received the number of volunteers we expected for our work with high schools and community colleges.  Perhaps you think that it involves teaching civics?  It’s not that complicated, and it’s fun to work with our youth as they become engaged in democracy!

The design work we do here in California becomes the model throughout the country.  Want to participate? Want to do something constructive for our democracy in these troubled times?  Fill out our online member survey and get connected with activities for voter engagement and/or voter information right away!

With warm regards, Suzan Requa

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