Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

Three women discussing judicial diversity

The League of Women Voters is committed to increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) throughout the League and the country. 

This page includes links to articles and events focused on attaining that goal.

LWVUS Response on George Floyd:  The LWVUS has issued a statement  on the George Floyd murder. We are joining our partners who serve in the civil rights community in fighting for policy reform that will dismantle systematic racism. We joined coalition partners on a letter calling for congressional action on police violence, and in the weeks and months ahead, the national office will be stepping up our commitment to racial justice. LWVUS Executive Director Virginia Kase wrote a blog, Standing in Solidarity with the Black Community, to share how the League plans to proceed as allies in the social justice space.  LWVUS President Chris Carson said,"It is time that the League of Women Voters take a stand for social justice for Black lives in America. . . we acknowledge that the League hasn’t taken such a strong stance against racism in the past, and as we move into the next century of work, we hope to play a bigger role in fighting for social justice."  

LWV California Statement (in part): The history of the United States has been punctuated by moments of revolution to drive change.  Revolution born of oppression. Revolution born of systemic inequality built into the fabric of our society. Revolution born of people demanding their human and civil rights. Today, we find ourselves in such a moment, as people all over the country, and now the world, stand to demand justice for Black lives. As the League of Women Voters, allyship with the Black community and civil rights movement is our moral imperative and fundamentally tied to our mission of empowering voters and defending democracy. . . .And finally, as a reminder to us all, people are hurting. Protests and civil unrest are rooted in pain. The conversations we are having are not easy.  Doing the work of introspection to challenge our own assumptions and worldviews is not easy.  Yet, as individuals, we must do the work. There is a lot to learn for those of us humble enough to listen.  As we all try to show up in the best ways possible in this moment, I encourage you to come to every conversation with an open heart, humility, empathy, and an open mind. That’s the very minimum it will take for us to stand together and move forward. (Read the full statement at https://lwvc.org/news/revolution-drives-change)

On Racism and Implicit Bias:

Includes thoughtful suggestions and a link to an online "bias cleanse" program from MTV's Look Different campaign, with input from the Kirwan Institute.

A book recommendation from LWVDV Boardmember Sue Brandy:  Waking Up White, by Debby Irving. 2014, Elephant Room Press. 

"Waking Up White's personal narrative is designed to work well as a rapid read, a book group book, or support reading for courses exploring racial and cultural issues."  The Board will be discussing this book at the beginning of each Board Meeting. (See Waking Up White – A New DEI Activity)

Emmanuel Acho sits down to have an “uncomfortable conversation” with white America, in order to educate and inform on racism, system racism, social injustice, rioting & the hurt African Americans are feeling today.  (See article.)