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The League of Women Voters of Diablo Valley relies on dues and donations to support our activities and programs, and to cover our expenses:

  • LWVDV Operations We support our day-to-day operations and activities. Without these funds, LWVDV would not exist! We also use these funds to put on special forums for the public and to study and advocate for or against particular policies in the public interest.
  • Voters Service/Citizen Education We present unbiased nonpartisan information about elections, the voting process, and issues.

LWVDV is a 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are tax deductible.  

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Frequently Asked Questions about PayPal Payments

The League of Women Voters of Diablo Valley uses PayPal to process online credit card donations. 

  • Do I need a PayPal account to donate online using my credit card? You do NOT need a PayPal account to donate online. You are welcome to use your PayPal account if you have one, but a PayPal account is NOT required. Simply fill in your credit card information when asked, and PayPal will do the rest.
  • Will I be charged extra fees if I donate online using my credit card? If you donate online WITHOUT using your PayPal account, there are NO additional or 'hidden' fees charged to your card. PayPal charges the League instead. However, if you use your PayPal account (if you have one), then PayPal fees may apply to your credit card transaction, depending on your account agreement with PayPal.
  • Why do you need my "shipping address" for a donation? The League uses this address to send you a written receipt for your contribution. You will also receive an email acknowledgement from PayPal. Simply type in the address of your choice for this receipt and acknowledgement.
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