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Our monthly membership newsletter chock full of things to do this month and next! Print it out, or read it online -- then grab your calendar because you don't want to miss any of these events!

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Each year at the start of the legislative season, local League members meet with our representatives in the California Senate and Assembly.

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Get Ready to Set State Priorities for 2019-2021!

(Adapted from LWVC Program Planning webpage)

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Welcome to our new year  -- 2019  -- and preparation for the 2020 Presidential election year and the 10-year Census that will follow.

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Press Release

Highlights of California’s Legislative Biennium: 2017-2018


League of Women Voters of California fights fake news and nasty campaign ads with facts

Vote with the League on the June 2018 ballot measures, ballot recommendations, elections, propositions
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We can help you decide how to vote through careful study. Check out our ballot recs and vote with the League.

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League of Women Voters of California Education Fund and The California Channel Join Forces to Help Californians Vote with Confidence