Member Interest Survey

Member Interest Survey

Note:  Due to COVID-19, services and meetings will be provided or held virtually.

Welcome to the League of Women Voters Diablo Valley (LWVDV)! We, the members of LWVDV, working individually and in teams, carry out our mission. How would YOU like to be involved? Please complete and submit this survey online, or you may print and mail it to our office at 500 St. Mary's Road, #14, Lafayette, CA 94549.

This survey’s purpose is to match your interests with League leaders on different issue areas.  Once matched, you may be contacted to discuss whether you’d like to volunteer. Please select all items of interest.

LWVDV Program Priorities 2022/2023

  • Making democracy work: Voter Services for Mid-Term Elections, November 2022
    • Pros and Cons
    • Candidate Forums/Roundtables
    • GOTV activities:
      • Tabling (Continue partnership with Elections Office
      • Update Voter Resources Guide
      • Promote Voter’s Edge
  • Explore mis/disinformation, locally:  Restoring trust in facts
    • Develop and distribute a resources list of trusted sources, including Civil Discourse sources and Voter’s Edge to inform the community
    • Consider developing a brochure on mis/disinformation.
  • Enhance and strengthen Observer Corps to improve citizens’ rights to know
    • Recruit Co-chairs for Observer Corp to promote volunteers, increase focus and observe at all public meetings: city council, school board, etc.
    • Recruit more observers to cover all local public meetings
      • Monitor how cities spend COVID revenues to ensure accountability
      • Monitor SB 9, locally
    • Ongoing collaboration between Observer Corps Team and Communications Team in order to share timely information with members when there is a need for action
  • Continue encouraging Citizen Redistricting Commissions at local level
See Volunteer! for details about the many volunteer opportunites available!
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Thank you for taking the time to share information about yourself. Please visit our calendar for upcoming meetings (e.g., board meetings, Action-Advocacy, etc.) and events. You may call the office (925) 283-2235 with any questions or email Membership at membership [at] (membership)membership [at] (@)membership [at] (lwvdv)membership [at] (.)membership [at] (org).