Program Priorities

Program Priorities

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What are the current LWVDV Program Priorities?

LWVDV Program Priorities 2023/2024

  • Making Democracy Work
    • Voter Services  
      • Pros and Cons (need leadership)
      • Continue partnership with Elections Office
    • Action/Advocacy
      • Local re/districting: Advocate for an open process and educate residents about the process where re/districting is occurring
    • Voter Education

  • Educating on Mis/Disinformation to restore trust in election information
    • Make presentations to various organizations
    • Maintain resource list of trusted sources on website
    • Distribute Mis/disinformation brochures at events

  • Gun Safety
    • Focus on getting guns off the streets in our communities
    • Support and advocate for local gun safety legislation
What are Program Priorities and Issues for Emphasis?

In the League of Women Voters, Program refers to the issues that we choose for concerted study, education and action at local, state and national levels. Program can include both education and action. Issues for emphasis are adopted by our grassroots members during biennial Conventions at the national, state and regional level.

At the local level, issues for emphasis are known as Program Priorities. Program Priorities set a strong focus for public information, public programs, and advocacy of policy at our local levels of government: county, city, school district, special district, and special commissions. 

Program Priorities and Issues for Emphasis are based on existing League positions or are determined to be an area to study and then developed as a position through consensus of the membership. (See League Positions for more details.)
What is the League Program Planning Process? 
Program Planning is the process by which the League decides the issues for emphasis over the next two years: Where and how we will focus our resources - member time, money, and reputation. Where do League members want to have the most impact? What will help build the League name – and help build our organization? 
  • National Program Planning is done in odd years in advance of its convention. 
  • State Program Planning occurs every two years in advance of the LWV State Convention.
  • Local Program Planning is done annually.
What is the LWVDV Local League Planning Process?

Local League Program Planning is done annually, usually starting in late January/early February. Based on the results of local program planning discussions, the Board of Directors makes recommendations to the national, state or regional level about the program to be adopted for the coming two year period at their biennial conventions, and to the local League membership for program items to be adopted at the annual business meeting. 

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