Voter Services Updates - November 2023

Voter Services Updates - November 2023

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by Shawn Gilbert, LWVDV Voter Services Co-Chair

LWV Diablo Valley, the County Office of Elections, and DVC’s Student Activities Director and several faculty members closed the month of October with a collaborative planning session designed to improve student civic engagement on the campus. Each year this valuable, collaborative partnership builds upon the work the team has done over the past few years.

DVC continues to maintain its two DIY Voter Registration Centers in the Student Affairs Computer Center and in the library, offering students an opportunity every day to participate in democracy.  This year’s team discussion centered on how to develop more direct student participation in registering voters during various celebrations like National Constitution Day, National Voter Registration Day, and special events on campus, in addition to times leading up to elections. 

Coming up, on November 4th, Emily Hopkins and Ana Pan, one of our newest members, will be partnering to do voter registering at St. Anna’s Episcopalian Church in Antioch. Thank you both for giving your generous gift of time to help engage more of our community in our democracy.

As we look to the upcoming elections in 2024, a National Constitution Center program, "Live from the Museum: Voting Rights”, offers a good historical review of how democracy has expanded over time since the nation’s founding.

Democracy is fragile, however. A recent Sacramento Bee article provides some information about how -- even in California -- there are communities where election laws are being challenged.

Remember, if you are not sure of something about elections and voting, the best place to go for answers is the Secretary of State's web page: Elections and Voter Information: California Secretary of State.

Shawn Gilbert, Co-Chair, Voter Services

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