Natural Resources: Land Use Planning - Local Land Use

Natural Resources: Land Use Planning - Local Land Use

The LWVDV supports controlled growth of local cities and towns with concern for the physical character of the area, including support for specific measures in individual communities.
Position In Brief: 

The members of the LWVDV support controlled growth of local cities and towns with concern for the physical character of the area. The General Plan should be followed closely and strong ordinances adopted to implement it. We support efforts to provide for a more attractive community by encouraging high standards in site planning, landscaping, and building design.

Position History: 

(Main position updated 2015; Walnut Creek position established 1984;  Orinda position established 1990; reviewed and affirmed annually)

The LWDV supports the following objectives:

  • Stringent hillside ordinances to include controls on grading, tree and ground cover removal, sewage provisions, land use patterns, and flood and erosion control. We strongly support mandatory requirements of geological studies for hillside developments. 
  • Public transportation for the central business district, the dispersed employment centers, and residential areas. 
  • Development of public facilities to serve the varying needs and requirements of neighborhoods in an adequate, balanced, and equitable manner, along with public transportation as a means of making community facilities accessible to all the dispersed areas.  
  • Variety in housing for all income levels throughout residential areas, with emphasis on lowincome housing that has been subsidized to below-market-value prices. As we increase density in development, planning for new construction should adequately provide for maintaining a good quality of life for new residents and the neighborhood as a whole. 
  • A design for the central business district as a multipurpose area for commercial, educational, cultural, recreational, governmental, and residential use. Encourage the development of an attractive, viable, pedestrian-oriented core area. 
  • [Walnut Creek]. Dispersed employment centers with landscaping, parking, and diversified transportation. 
  • [Moraga] Limited expansion of service-connected businesses with a rigorous enforcement of esthetic standards. 
  • [Orinda] Construction of new roads to conform with topography. 
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