Shawn Gilbert - LWVC Convention 2019 Notes

Shawn Gilbert - LWVC Convention 2019 Notes

U.N. Conference, March 11, 2019

11 day conference in N.Y.

Contentious meeting focused on the Commission on the Status of Women , established in 1946, dedicated to promoting gender equality and empowering women

193 countries in attendance, 10,000 people

Long heated debates over language:

“gender” “family” “sexual health”

The U. S. Joined with more conservative right wing views of nations like: Iran, Yemen, Russia, Saudi Arabia opposing rights like sexual and reproductive health (against abortion)...weakening women’s rights

U.S. and others with similar beliefs used strategy of disruption to push its agenda...more aggressive and outspoken this year

Cyber bullying of delegates who supported more rights for women

Despite the heated debates in the end did reach conclusions that strengthened the equal rights for women and girls

Equity for Women

Discussion about why the ERA is important and the efforts how League members can participate in getting this amendment passed 

Important because having a U.S. Constitutional amendment seats equity more assuredly than the hodgepodge variations that results from individual states legislating their own 

One more state is needed to get passage of the ERA amendment, it’s believed a deadline extension for ratification can be achieved 

LWVUS 2018 in Chicago National Convention passed resolution supporting the passage of ERA 

A focus should be on North Carolina...propose that local leagues across the country adopt N.C. League...find out what they are doing, what they need from sister leagues across the nation (post card campaign, etc) 

Film: Equal Means Equal 

Listening Across Our Differences and Building Bridges of Respect in a Polarized America

LWV Santa Clara County has a Civil Discourse Committee

Goal: to educate and encourage use of civil discourse principles

Bookmark with key info and 3 websites for more in-depth readings

Basic idea is how to set aside the idea of trying to persuade the other and focus on developing an understanding of each other’s perspectives...avoid the pattern of attack and defend

Reaching across our differences is key to society moving forward...avoidance does not create positive outcomes 

All parties must be willing, find right time (enough) and place (coffee shop) for conversing

Extend the invitation, set up guidelines each agree to: no interrupting (set time limit as alternate conversation...easier to listen when know you have a turn to speak, speak from own personal experience, respect...allows for your best self

Start with good questions: what is at the heart of your political beliefs? What hopes, concerns, values do you have that underpin your beliefs

Tools for how to bring back the conversation should it go off track, avoid stereotyping