Stephanie Williams-Rogers -- LWVC Convention 2019 notes

Stephanie Williams-Rogers -- LWVC Convention 2019 notes

Stephanie Williams-Rogers’ Notes from 2019 CA LWV State Convention

I.                    Organizing for Dollars: How to ask for what you want

  • Each league should sign-up for the League update
    • There will be 5 videos for fundraising added to the update
    • It’s important to share your impact
      • People don’t give to you, they give through you.
      • Focus on the impact to the donor
        • Understand their interest, impact on them
        • Can find this information doing research via social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
        • Identify the best person to “make the ask” for money
          • Break the ice
          • Engage with the problem: use open/ended question, talk only 20-30% of the time
          • Present the vision: what are our programs, priorities and successes
          • Be clear and concise
          • Pause after the ask: don’t step on the ask
          • Confirm and close
            • Provide details and logistics
            • If someone can’t make the donation, ask:
              • Would $___ be a better stretch?
              • Is there someone else I can meet with?
    • Follow-up: Thank you card or email. Set date for next check-in, and follow-up with any additional info
    • Act as good stewards and provide updates on how the money was spent
    • It’s easier to get grants if you know somebody involved in the decision-making process

II.                  Housing and Homelessness 

  • There’s an increase in criminalization of homelessness
  • Money goes towards police enforcement
  • There’s an increase of “Not in my backyard” mentality
  • Encampment raids remove the homeless person and sends their belongings to sanitation where they often times never see their items
    • Court fees of $400 are assessed for not showing up for trial
    • Public housing can take nearly 6-8 years
    • Shelters refuse homeless who suffer from addiction
    • Talk with police about homelessness and what they currently do to support homelessness
    • AB302 allows community college students the right to sleep in their cars on their college campus
    • 80% of homeless women were victims of domestic abuse
    • Citations for people sleeping in their cars
    • “Homelessness is no longer a symbol of decline, it is a product of prosperity