Wildfire Prevention, Emergency Communication and Evacuation Procedures

Wildfire Prevention, Emergency Communication and Evacuation Procedures

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Wildfire response takes complicated coordination between government agencies.   Our LWVDV has raised this issue with the Bay Area League and forwarded a request to the state League to stress the urgent need of our communities for planning measures to be implemented and communicated to everyone within our state.  Together we can work to prevent another catastrophic wildfire outcome like the one in Paradise.

At our August 24, 2019 meeting in Walnut Creek, which we hope to replicate around the the LWV Diablo Valley area, we learned about many resources for community members to prepare themselves to help themselves and their emergency responders in a wildfire emergency. Here are a few:


Nixle at  http://www.nixle.com/is a free app and communication tool that connects residents with Walnut Creek Police Department alerts, and can be used for everything from evacuations, security threats, severe weather, road closures and more. 

Twitter:  https://twitter.com  @walnutcreek.gov; @walnutcreekpd; (@ContraCostaFire; @CoCoSheriff (search and add your local departments if you are not in Walnut Creek).

Contra Costa County Community Warning System:  https://cwsalerts.com/ If you have a landline, it is already connected to the Community Warning System through the 911 system, but cell phones must be opted-in to receive alerts

PG&E:  https://www.pge.com/(click on Wildfire Resources)

Quake Feed:  http://quakefeed.net/

California Office of Emergency Services:  http://www.caloes.ca.gov/

Cal Fire:  https://www.fire.ca.gov/incidents/

Ready.Gov:   https://www.ready.gov/(how to make a family emergency plan, build a supply kit, etc.)

Next Door: https://nextdoor.comPolice departments post on this neighborhood site.


Diablo Firesafe Council, www.diablofiresafe.org. Plans for wildfire preparation and emergencies in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties.  Contact Cheryl Miller, Executive Coordinator at DFSCMiller [at] comcast.net.  

The National Council for Aging Carehttps://www.aging.com/disaster-preparedness-for-seniors/ . Unique factors seniors and their caretakers need to take into consideration when preparing for natural disasters.

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