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Candidate and Issue Forums, Fairs, and Debates


Voter Service aims to bring local candidates before the public to discuss their positions on issues important to the community.

 How We Accomplish Our Mission:

  • We partner with your group to conduct candidate forums for upcoming races.
  • We follow trusted guidelines to keep the forum focused, engaged, and on topic. 
  • We provide a moderator and sort questions from the audience in real time.

 How You Can Get Involved:

  • Invite your organization, neighborhood, or workplace to co-sponsor with us.
  • Volunteer to be a timer and join our event.
  • As a League member, train with us to be a moderator.
  • Learn how to run your own focused and balanced forum with your group.

Pros and Cons of Ballot Measures


To give plain and simple unbiased explanations of the California state ballot measures: how the law stands now, what the ballot measures would change if adopted, and who is spending money supporting or opposing each measure.

 How We Accomplish Our Mission:

We speak at various events. Our team of dedicated volunteers trains to present the ballot arguments and the budget impacts of each proposition as issued by the California State Legislative Analyst’s Office.

 How You Can Get Involved:

  • Members, train to be a speaker.
  • Attend one of our events.
  • Invite us to speak to your group.
  • Discuss the upcoming election with your neighbors with our Easy Voter Guide resources.
  • Download our Easy Voter Guide.

Voter Registration and Education


To make sure all eligible Americans—especially first-time and low-prospensity voters—have the opportunity to register and vote with access to unbiased voter information. 

 How We Accomplish Our Mission:

  • We partner with high schools, local colleges, and community groups. 
  • We focus on voter education at the site of registration.
  • We pre-register 16- and 17-year-olds so they are automatically registered on their 18th birthday.
  • For 2020, Everyone Counts! Voter registration events include information on 2020 Census and Redistricting. 

 How You Can Get Involved:

  • Volunteer to register voters with our team.
  • Ask your local high school PTA to partner with us.
  • Invite us to your workplace.
  • Suggest a voter registration drive event and come join us.
  • Train to register voters so they know why, when, and where to vote.
  • Purchase a “Your Vote Matters” lawn sign and let your neighbors know!
  • Find out more about voter registration from the League of Women Voters of California.
  • Register to vote in California online.
  • Read the Voter Bill of Rights from the California Secretary of State.


Vote Center EducationVote Centers Coming to OC in 2020

California's Presidential Primary Election is on March 3, 2020...
But did you know you’ll be able to vote in-person at any Vote Center across Orange County, starting February 22 ...even on weekends?  Did you know that everyone registered to vote will receive a vote-by-mail ballot in the mail? 


To inform the public about changes coming to Orange County to make voting more accessible, more secure, more direct, and more convenient.

 How We Accomplish Our Mission:

The League of Women Voters of Orange Coast is now offering free presentations on Vote Centers and Ballot Drop Boxes as a trusted community messenger with the Orange County Registrar of Voters Speakers Bureau.
We will come to your organization for a community-based presentation of the “Your Voice, Your Vote, Your Choice” talk and Q&A on Vote Centers coming to Orange County.  Our presentation comes straight from the Orange County Registrar of Voters, and we direct your most in-depth questions to the Registrar’s office to get the answers back to you right away. 

 How You Can Get Involved:

  • Do you serve a community that wants to have their voice count? Ask us to come speak at your meetings.
  • Learn more about Vote Centers at
Voter Service Chair Musacchio__________________________________________________

Under the Leadership of:  

Michele Musacchio
LWV Orange Coast Director of Voter Service

email: voter.service [at]

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There's not much we can do about the virus, but there will be work the League is well positioned to do!

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Blog Post Date - 03/23/2020

Have you gone online to complete the Census? 

  • It's important.
  • It took Riley and me me less than 10 minutes. 
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The 2020 Census is happening now. 

  • You can complete your questionnaire online, by phone, or by mail.
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Take Some Deep Breaths as We Wait for Election Results!  

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